Our Philosophy

Our mission is to help individuals and families who have been impacted by trauma or adversity recover from their psychological wounds, regain control of their lives and re-establish a sense of safety and security in life.

Our vision is for our clients to comfortably experience our unique approach to healing the mind, body, and soul. Our clients will recover from their mental trauma through our cutting-edge psychotherapy treatment options which include the use of innovative technology and modern psychotherapy techniques.

Our core values are: passion, respect, trust.

Our passion is to strengthen and heal individuals, marriages, and families. We are passionate about strengthening and healing individuals, marriages, and families. We are passionate about learning new innovative treatments that can speed up the healing process. We are passionate about building lasting relationships with our clients and with our community. We are passionate about serving our clients with optimism and a positive attitude.  

We respect an individual’s beliefs and life choices. We respect our client’s time.  We respect diversity and embrace it as an essential component leading to understanding our client’s needs. 

Trust is the basic building block of a relationship. Trust is built with integrity. Our clients can trust that they are receiving the absolute best treatment available for their individual situation. They can trust that we will deliver excellent transparent service. They can trust that we will give all our effort to everyone, every time. 

Our Story

Matt Armstrong, LCMFT & owner, had a vision. He wanted to heal the world, one family at a time. His faith and firm belief in the potential of the family and how powerful the impact of strong families is to society led him to what is now Armstrong Family Counseling.

His determination to understand mental pain and how to heal it brought him to a defining conclusion: trauma is the root of psychological anguish.

This team of proficient therapists that are each a brilliant piece of the "heal the world" equation by focusing on healing trauma while addressing other mental afflictions--depression, anxiety, stress, ADHD.

With modern technology, an in-depth understanding of the mind, and a passionate team of therapists, Armstrong Family Counseling is on a mission to heal the world, one family at a time.

Meet the Team

Meet the experts who define the Armstrong Family Counseling client experience. Each person has a unique combination of training, expertise, and insight that allows them to connect with clients on a deep and personal level. We also have a team working behind the scenes to ensure you have a 5-star experience with Armstrong Family Counseling.


Matt Armstrong


Owner & Clinical Director

Marriage & Trauma Expert

Matt is a marriage and family therapist and trauma expert. His unique approach involves seeking to understand his client’s needs, and he uses modern psychotherapeutic treatments such as neurofeedback to heal his clients.

His vision is to help individuals and families who have been impacted by trauma or adversity and to help them recover and re-establish a sense of security in their lives.

"My passion is families, the building block upon which society is built."

Lauren Dees


Teen Therapist & Trauma Expert

Lauren uses mindfulness meditation strategies at the beginning of every session to help patients relax and be in the moment. She uses DBT tools, CBT, SFBT, ACT, EFT and EMDR to assist her clients with problem solving, processing trauma, reducing misery and improving their quality of life. She loves playing games, doing collages, making playlists and using other strategies to keep therapy fun and interesting.

In addition to individual counseling, Lauren connects with clients in the group setting as well, engaging with each individual as well as helping the group become cohesive and work towards similar goals.

"I feel like as a social worker my main goal is to connect with people, build real authentic relationships and participate in a journey of change together!...This is honestly my dream job."

Robert Pedroza


Master's Level Psychologist

Specialty: Psychological Testing and Evaluation

With years of experience administering, scoring, and interpreting psychological testing, he's helped countless clients with treatment planning and diagnostic clarifications.

Robert does more than slap a diagnosis on you or your loved one. He treats clients.... not the diagnosis. But in order to find the treatment that is right for you, it's vital to have a clear understanding of the problem.



Dr. Erin Gaal


Asst. Clinical Director 

Specialty; Addictions, Family Systems, Couples, Emotional Regulation skills

"Mindfulness is a call for us to slow down and focus on one thing, one event, one activity at a time…purposeful breathing is at the foundation."



Melody Anderson


Play Therapy, Trauma Expert, & Neurofeedback Provider

Melody's personal and professional experience allows her to connect with children that have trauma history and self-esteem issues (core beliefs, body positivity, self-confidence, etc.).

She helps clients process and heal from trauma which allows them to increase trust of others and make healthy connections with others, discover their sense of self-worth so that they can live more fulfilled lives, and cultivate healthier coping skills to manage trauma triggers which will positively impact both mental and physical health.

"I can teach clients coping skills to address stress, anxiety, and depression... I have discovered a passion for nutrition and fitness that allows me to provide a unique, holistic approach to therapy."

Angela Lake


Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Specialist,

Trauma, Parenting, & Relationship Specialist

Angela has 18 years in mental health experience which has included teaching teens social norms and positive coping skills, serving victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and sexual assault, and working for an agency that provided child protective services, foster care, and adoption.

She helps clients break through what stops them from being more of who they are by breaking down barriers and working through trauma from the past to accomplish what they want in life, helping them discover who they are and what they want to help them achieve personal growth and success, and helping them feel accepted and experience joy.

Gabe Fry


Specialty: Anxiety, Depression, & Marriage

Gabe Fry, LPC, is an anxiety expert and Christian counselor. His expertise helps clients to manage their stress, develop a healthier self-image, and reignite the attraction in their relationships.

His unique approach involves creative problem solving, teaching coping techniques such as mindfulness, breathing exercises, and other stress-reducing activities.

Gabe also is experienced in treating those dealing with Gender Dysphoria.

Michael French


Faith-based Relationship, Depression & Addiction Expert

Michael French, LPC,  provides counseling services to individuals, couples, and families who are dealing with faith issues, addictions, relationship concerns, PTSD, domestic violence, singleness, grief, depression, anxiety, and self-esteem issues.

Michael's counseling methods start with connection. He then creates a safe nonjudgemental space that allows clients to process their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial & suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved." -Helen Keller

Terrence Michael Henderson

M.S., LCPC, Kansas Supreme Court Certified Mediator

Group Director &  Mediation Expert

Specialties:  School Related Behavioral Issues with kids, Trauma in families, Family Mediation, School Mediation, working with children & adults with gender dysphoria, Assessing children for ADD/ADHD,  Autism Spectrum, and/or PDD, children with special educational needs, parenting with my own curriculum "Powerful Positive Parenting."

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